ARTIST STATEMENT: My work owes a debt to many past and present masters of figurative visual art, although it is the result of a search for a modern and personal response to those masters and their traditions. The imagery in my work is usually recognizable and taken from our everyday lives and observations; at the same time, it is often framed in unexpected ways. Capturing color, line and forms in space are my enduring passions. Recurrent themes often deal with issues of our relationships to Nature as well as the nature of our own relationships. – LGA

Linda Ganus Albulescu exhibits regularly in the NYC area and is a member of Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Engaged with our relationship to Nature as well as the nature of our relationships, her work delves into the sublime and the uncanny through a variety of media: drawing, painting, video, photography and sound. Linda has done commissioned work in all media. Please contact her at the following email:

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